Makeshivt Kity – Trastienda Netlabel

Jordannah Elizabeth from LA is Makeshivt Kity. Somewhere between the early work and “Patience“, the new work maintains the experimental approach, leading to more land and lo-fi folk.

Coco leaves Rosie on lo-fi.

Download Makeshivt Kity – Keep me, Lord [Creative Commons license]

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Medelia – Trastienda Netlabel

Medelia are the fusion of Medel and Pablo Maqueda Elia. The mixture of two names and one way of understanding music. Medelia want to make the complicated simple. The project started in 2009 as the logical outlet for musical and literary career of Elia and Paul.

Timeless voice lines.

Download Medelia – Stray Cats [Creative Commons license]

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Without Time – Trastienda Netlabel

Without Time are two persons from the city of Grodno, Belarus. “Trap” is their debut release. Without Time show high quality, a combination of keys, effects, acoustic and electronic guitars. In “Trap” there is certain dynamics, alternation of silent and loud places.

Lyrical dream pop.

Download Without Times – Trap [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to Trastienda Netlabel.

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Icon Girl Pistols – trastienda Netlabel

Yeah, how do you like this? A rock band from Japan releases the music on a netlabel from spain. Icon Girl Pistols rock. Rock sounds so much nicer in japanese. The track is recorded mostly with the whole band playing live in the studio, to maintain the freshness of their concerts.

Japanese radio friendly rock.

Download Icon Girl Pistols – The Fall of Tokyo [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to trastienda Netlabel for the tip.

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