#GLAMhack – We demand Open Access to Data and Water

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Our team Kollektiv Zoll explored for two days at the 1st Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2015 with the project Viisoo a remix of Open Data from different sources. We did a remix of Open Data under the topic Water.

Water is an essential element of life and should be accessible to everyone. We demand Open Access for Data as we demand Open Access to water.

Enjoy our installation and experience sonifiaction and visualisation of water.


Plug your headphones, allow access to your microfone (we want that data too) and fire up your up to date Browser for a full customer friendly experience. Click the objects and talk with your computer.

Head over to Viisoo. Open Access to water and data. Now.

Show the #hot100 on your website

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How cool is that. We haven’t thought of this until we found Radio Baiano’s website.

You can easily show the actual #hot100 on your website. Just copy and paste this code to your blog/website.

<iframe src="http://starfrosch.ch/hot-100/" width="100%" height="3000" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Want to see running demo? At Radio Baiano, Italy it’s live.

Top 10 Tracks from CCtrax

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CCtrax is a growing platform for Creative Commons Music. Everything is hand selected and only high quality releases are featured. We exclusively have access to the secret statistics of CCtrax and we are able to present you the best performing tracks.

Have a listen to this exclusive, meditative and mostly electronic journey through space and time.

Download Slownoise – Capital Dub

Download deeB – Pop Up Horizon

Download K.smith – Prelude Elecronique

Download Tigerberry – Break the Lies (Gnothi Seauton Remix)

Download Echo Data – Rainland


Download Audiokonstrukte – Cloudengine vs The Hulk

Download Mikael Lind – Fragmented Pianos

Download Auditive Escape – Boreals

Download Jérémie Guerrier – Douchebag & Bitches Folklore


Download Echo Delta – Rainland

You like what you hear? Head over to CCtrax or enjoy Space Night on our Radio.

Machtdose – Podcast

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What? You never heard of Machtdose Podcast from Germany. Hard to belive. So here is your chance to listen to one of the most musical free music podcasts. Tune in to a wide monthly variety of beans, oh no, genres. The best selection of red beans ever offered to you. Take them and eat em alive.

Groove, shake and feel with Machtdose.

Look mum, there’s a radio show for starfrosch

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Mum look eeeh listen, Robert Bienert from frei² congratulates us with a special radio show on Freies Radio Kassel.

So we’re 13. In the best teenager age. Time for endless rebellion inbetween adolescence and fuck you too.

But hey, we’re excited. It’s birthday and someone celebrates.

Loads of fun with loads of free music. Loads of friends liking, retweeting and sharing our passion with music. We’re young and naiv and still think, we can change the world to a better place with the universal language of music.

Let there be peace, love and freedom for all. Can we really write that? Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen. Yeah, that’s more accurate: Let there be more Eierkuchen in this world. And now everyone: Eierkuchen in this world.


And hey mum, here’s the life stream. Listen to it.

Thuesday, February, 17, 19.00 GMT+1
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat: Wednesday 11.00

Thank you for the ride.