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We’re not talking about beer, which is premium too, we’re talking about the label, they represent fresh, danceable, electronic sounds since more than ten years. Exactly what we need to spice up our radio.

Christian Kausch selected 80 excellent tracks from for the daily one hour radio show:
Premium Only the best tracks from made it into it. There are well known artists like Alec “Mind Doodle” Tronic, Max Cavalerra, Volker Selzner or Granlab.

Premium will be streamed everyday between 20.00 to 21.00 CET on Switzerlands finest radio.

Let us take you on an emotional trip with music.

Tune in now.

Top 10 Tracks from Laika

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Laika was the first dog in space and she is also a friendly Creative Commons listener, who shares a lot of tracks in common with our radio. So we asked her to send us her personal Top 10. This time she selected lots of electronic? Why? Just because.

Have a listen to this selection of a free music addict.

Download Professor Kliq – Plastic and Flashing Lights

Download DJad – Hypnotize

Download Pablo Gómez – Supernova

Download O.Z.O.N. – Tropical Storm

Download Ramova – Chewed Up And Spit Out


Buy Mazza – Afterburner

Download JCRZ – Falling Stars (Alternate Version)

Download Ben K Adams – In One Ear And Out Your Mouth

Download Superdirt² – 3l3ktr0w3rk


Download Retro Promenade – Dan Terminus – Restless Destroyer

Do you like what you hear? Head over to the #hot100 Charts or fire up our radio.

I #Stream, You #Stream, We all #Stream

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I #Stream, You #Stream, We all #Stream


Friday night
April 17, 2015
21.00-23.00 GMT+2 / CET


We’ll stream Antoine Induni (DJ) and Valérie Paris (Vocals) from A Virtual Friend​ live from their cosy place to your cosy place. Take part in this virtual event, especially for #stream addicts.


We stream the video on Meerkat
We stream the video on Periscope
We stream the sound on

Who else?

We want your stream too

Get your iPhones ready, grab Meerkat or Periscope and stream wherever you are to us. Just drop a link into the Facebook event and we will see you.

#Stream you later

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Top 10 Tracks from Black Sweater, White Cat

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Black Sweater, White Cat is Biotic’s Creative Commons music blog. He has unlimited blogging power and an independent taste in music. He sent us his best wishes and the top 10 track from march 2015.

Have a listen to this unique selection of a long time running music blog.

Download Mr Mefistou – Snow apocalypse skunk

Download Nic Bommarito – Splendid Alfonsino

Download ProleteR – U Can Get It

Download Inje – Kofein i CO2

Download Astat – Daily Dozen


Download Cocolixe – Swing Low

Download Garmisch – And Now We Stand Against The Wall

Download Gurdonark – Maisie’s Dream

Download Nic Bommarito – Ella va au Japon (CNP Remix)


Download Emerald Park – The Rules of Engagement

You like what you hear? Head over to Biotic’s Black Sweater, White Cat or enjoy the #hot100 Charts.

Top 10 Tracks from Ryno’s Show

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We’re asking people, to send us their top 10 tracks. So we randomly get some e-mails from people all around the world. This time we indirectly got an e-mail from Ryno and his show you probably know.

Have a listen to this entertaining top 10 from a music aficionado. The ranking is made by the listeners of the show who connect by irc to the #oo channel. They can vote and created this list.

Download The Toothaches – I Feel Fantastic

T Bird and the Breaks – Fuck it Up

Cletus Got Shot – Kentucky

BURNING BRIGHT – Rise Up (ft. Solareye)

The Dark Clan – Goals

Professor Kliq – The Most Beautiful Day


Download Pornophonique – Sad robot

The Blue Stones – Make Your Move

Download Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic

The Anchormen – We All Like Ska

You like what you hear? Head over to Ryno or enjoy our eclectic radio program.