QualooD – Audiocast Productions Netlabel

The QualooD’s project was founded by chino.K and Kine in the 2008, after meeting during a multisensory event of electronic music, audio & video installations of the Roman’s Underground. Born with the intention of creating a sort of fusion between dark-ambient music of chino.K and the breaks and syncopated drums of Kine.

“A Nice Chilled Plate of Atmospheric Beats” is a Downtempo Album influenced by Dub, because in the last 2 years QualooD has listened to so much music in this genre. This release contains 16 tracks and is divided into 2 part, the first seven tracks are the old QualooD, then “Play + Pause (New Era)” open the road to the new QualooD, more Dub and more Smoothness and Chill.

Groove Salad ahoy.

Download QualooD – Domino [Creative Commons license]
Download full album.

Thanks to Audiocast Productions Netlabel for the tip.

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