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We’re about to rock you. Every week our robot catches over 10’000 legal tracks from Soundcloud, Jamendo, Free Music Archive and Archive.org. Sorted by Hotrank this is the Creative Commons Hot 100 Download Charts.

Just hit play. All tracks will be played in the background.

Make sure you check out the to Modify Commercially Chart, everything there is licensed under by and by-sa. Especially for commercial film makers, web developers and free culture lovers.

Let there be free music.

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Chill Carrier – Kamaro

Chill Carrier is the german Chillout, Lounge and Electronica project from Sebastian Kretzschmar founded back in 2003. All music is released under a Creative Commons license for everyone to obtain as a free version. High quality versions are available for purchase or uncomplicated licensing, just get in touch with him.

Chilled electronic music.

[Creative Commons license]
Download track at Soundcloud.

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