Show the #hot100 on your website

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How cool is that. We haven’t thought of this until we found Radio Baiano’s website.

You can easily show the actual #hot100 on your website. Just copy and paste this code to your blog/website.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="3000" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Want to see running demo? At Radio Baiano, Italy it’s live.

NATZure – Schizophrenia

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It’s a pain, but there’s medication. NATZure composes great music with a lot of tension, but we can’t find any useful information about him on the web. He’s from Germany.

We found him on german TV BR Space Night. We’re running a lot of this Creative Commons licensed sounds on our radio, especially on Space Night. So enjoy the music, check out his presence on the web.


Melodic, atmospheric and progressive electronic music.

Download the track at Soundcloud.
[Creative Commons license]

Top 10 Tracks from CCtrax

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CCtrax is a growing platform for Creative Commons Music. Everything is hand selected and only high quality releases are featured. We exclusively have access to the secret statistics of CCtrax and we are able to present you the best performing tracks.

Have a listen to this exclusive, meditative and mostly electronic journey through space and time.

Download Slownoise – Capital Dub

Download deeB – Pop Up Horizon

Download K.smith – Prelude Elecronique

Download Tigerberry – Break the Lies (Gnothi Seauton Remix)

Download Echo Data – Rainland


Download Audiokonstrukte – Cloudengine vs The Hulk

Download Mikael Lind – Fragmented Pianos

Download Auditive Escape – Boreals

Download Jérémie Guerrier – Douchebag & Bitches Folklore


Download Echo Delta – Rainland

You like what you hear? Head over to CCtrax or enjoy Space Night on our Radio.

Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It

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We should say more fuck it or just fuck, but note the difference between fuck you and fuck it. For this review zero fucks have been given. So fuck it.

Btw: Dada & The Weatherman are from Paris, the city of love and yeah, they got the groove.

Just say fuck it and just go to hell.

Download Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It [Creative Commons license]

Get more on the #hot100 Charts

Simon V Remix – Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit

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Simon V is back. He was never away. We just almost forgot, he existed. He remixed the groundbreaking Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit from the album “Straftat gegen das Leben”.

Imagine a deep and dark sky with clouds full of sound. Suddenly the rain starts falling. Lighting and thunder alter the scene.

Cloudspotter – Another D&B work by Simon V.

Simon V is a master of his subject, since years he prouduces excellent Drum&Bass and Electronic sounds and shares them, almost before the internet existed. Enjoy this ride through a dark and rainy landscape with a wall of sound.

Dark clouds of sound. Just wait for the thunders.

Download Simon V Remix – Klangstabil – Isabella’s Hochzeit [Creative Commons license]

Before you all start asking: We have the written permission from Klangstabil and Simon V to license this track under CC.