Tigerberry & Haunt — 起死回生


Ритуальные танцы кибер оккультистов. Интернет-медиумы вызывающие мертвых из битых секторов жестких дисков.
VHS-духи поселившиеся в по другую HD экранов. Дискотека во время конца Вселенной под уцелевшие послания Великих Древних на обветшавшей магнитофонной пленке.

Break the electric light.

Download Tigerberry & Haunt – Break the lies [Creative Commons license]

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Tak! Southern City’s Lab.

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Drew’s Theory – Noises


The Fat Kid On Fire wrote quite precisely:

…Drew’s Theory immediately instigates a cosmic adventure. Noises uses distant kicks and pressurised bass lines that float well below sea-level….Promising panning techniques come forward, extending the true power behind the production, along with its ability to captivate a listener. Hollow voices in the background, packed with heavy delays, create an autonomous drone that digs its way through sound…

After his astonishing release on Mindstep, the American producer Drew’s Theory is back with another production that portrays his signature sound.

Bass, bass music, turn up the bass.

[Creative Commons license]

Download full track as Soundcloud.

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