Top 10 Tracks from Black Sweater, White Cat

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Black Sweater, White Cat is Biotic’s Creative Commons music blog. He has unlimited blogging power and an independent taste in music. He sent us his best wishes and the top 10 track from march 2015.

Have a listen to this unique selection of a long time running music blog.

Download Mr Mefistou – Snow apocalypse skunk

Download Nic Bommarito – Splendid Alfonsino

Download ProleteR – U Can Get It

Download Inje – Kofein i CO2

Download Astat – Daily Dozen


Download Cocolixe – Swing Low

Download Garmisch – And Now We Stand Against The Wall

Download Gurdonark – Maisie’s Dream

Download Nic Bommarito – Ella va au Japon (CNP Remix)


Download Emerald Park – The Rules of Engagement

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Top 10 Tracks from Ryno’s Show

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We’re asking people, to send us their top 10 tracks. So we randomly get some e-mails from people all around the world. This time we indirectly got an e-mail from Ryno and his show you probably know.

Have a listen to this entertaining top 10 from a music aficionado. The ranking is made by the listeners of the show who connect by irc to the #oo channel. They can vote and created this list.

Download The Toothaches – I Feel Fantastic

T Bird and the Breaks – Fuck it Up

Cletus Got Shot – Kentucky

BURNING BRIGHT – Rise Up (ft. Solareye)

The Dark Clan – Goals

Professor Kliq – The Most Beautiful Day


Download Pornophonique – Sad robot

The Blue Stones – Make Your Move

Download Jonathan Coulton – I Feel Fantastic

The Anchormen – We All Like Ska

You like what you hear? Head over to Ryno or enjoy our eclectic radio program.

#hot100 Show – Live at Rote Fabrik, Zurich

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We’re going live. Dock18 and starfrosch presents the

#hot100 Show

#hot100 Show

Discover an evening full of new sounds with live music, DJs, visual artists and talks. The #hot100 Show event series presents the most popular sounds and live acts from the #hot100 Charts.

There will be a live skype interview with an international artist and short inputs from members of the
Digitale Allmend, who have the lead for Creative Commons Switzerland.

Every monday our robot fetches the last month legal and downloadable Creative Commons licensed tracks from Soundcloud, Jamendo, Free Music Archive, and ccMixter. That’s more than 15’000 tracks everytime. He runs them trough the Spam filter, sorts them by Hotrank® and spits out the #hot100 charts.

From those popular track, Radio DJ starfrosch selects the most interesting for the event. The #hot100 Show will be
live streamed to our radio. We will record the show for later release on video platforms.

For the moment we have scheduled two events. Save the dates. Come, fly or drive to Zurich for an exciting evening.

#hot100 Show Nr.1

Date: Friday April 3rd 2015
Time: 20.00-24.00 GMT+1
Live: A Virtual Friend (CH), Electro Pop
Skype Interview: Wil Benton (UK) from FKOF, Digital Journalist of the Year
Visuals: Pixelpunx (CH)
Where: Dock18, Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland

A Virtual Friend

Who expects gigs of a swiss band in Japan or China? A Virtual Friend (CH) plays alternative pop with influence from punk to electro genres. A mix of screaming guitars, synthetic sounds lead by a charismatic female lead singer, powered by an electro-acoustic rhythm section. A Virtual Friend’s lyrics explore the good and the ugly of human nature in an empathic way.

The visual artist and VJ Pixelpunx sees videos as an art form with an unrepeteable moment, a spontaneous interpretation and reflection of a mood.
His works transforms the mood of the entourage into a digital wallpaper, expands the room without telling a story. It’s the search of a visual translation.

#hot100 Show Nr.2

Date: Friday June 5th 2015
Time: 20.00-24.00 GMT+1
Live: Korrupt from FatKidOnFire (NL/UK), Bass
Skype Interview: ZOE.LEELA (DE), Artist
Visuals: Pixelpunx (CH)
Where: Dock18, Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland

Korrupt from FatKidOnFire

Olaf De Rooij from FatKidOnFire, more commonly known by his alias Korrupt, is a man of very many talents. The Rotterdam-based musician made his name as a DJ, producer and promoter having first discovered what he calls dark underground music in early 2004.

Soon after, he became known to the many deep, dark and minimal bass music fans on SoundCloud as the guy who left extremely detailed track reviews, often found lurking at the end of tunes on the platform. It was thanks to these reviews that he was spotted by the FatKidOnFire crew, who took him on as their in-house music critic.


Dock18 is the room inside Rote Fabrik Zurich.

Beam to Zurich Main Station, Switzerland and choose eighter tram, bus, train or boat.

Take the tram line 7 at the main railway station («Hauptbahnhof», or «Bahnhofstrasse») in the direction of Morgental (in Zurich Wollishofen). Exit at the station «Post Wollishofen» and head east in the direction of Lake Zurich, following the road that goes underneath the railroad bridge. Travel time: about 15 minutes.

Take bus line 161 or 165 at «Bürkliplatz», exit at the stop «Rote Fabrik», right in front of the Rote Fabrik.
Nighttime bus lines departing from the Rote Fabrik are available on Friday and Saturday nights. Take the bus to «Bellevue» to catch a connection to the outer districts. Journey time: 6 minutes.

Take either train S8 at the main railway station («Hauptbahnhof SBB») in the direction of Pfäffikon SZ, or train S24 at «Hauptbahnhof SBB» in the direction of «Horgen Oberdorf». Get off at the railway station «Zurich-Wollishofen SBB». Head east towards Lake Zurich and walk approximately 300 meters along the lake shore «Mythenquai» road in the direction out of town. Travel time: about 8-10 minutes.

Take the boat at «Bürkliplatz» to Zurich-Wollishofen boat station. Walk along the lake of Zurich, heading out of town. Travel time: 12 minutes.

Who’s who

Dock18 is the institute for media cultures of the world who for more than 10 years  have organized media culture with events, shows, self productions and collaborations. Dock18 is an incubator for new media and is unique in the german speaking area. Dock18 operates the room for media cultures of the world inside Rote Fabrik Zurich as independent art exhibition, TV studio, media lab, meeting point, hacklab, bar and club.

starfrosch is an active Creative Commons music blog since 2002. We’re famous for Switzerland’s first podcast. starfrosch organized the Netaudio 05 Festival Berne, which found it’s successors in London and Berlin. Since 2014 starfrosch publishes the Creative Commons #hot100 Charts, which attracts people from all around the world.

Digitale Allmend campaigns for the public access to digital goods. They create new rooms and promote the public understanding for an open knowledge society. Digitale Allmend has the lead for Creative Commons Switzerland.

With Creative Commons authors can license fotos, videos, music, texts, poems or arts with a few clicks for reuse.
They can define in one’s own right under what restrictions their works can be shared and republished.
The licenses are simple, understandable and free. Symbols visualize the licenses. They are available in over 60
languages and are legally valid worldwide. They are made for the internet.

These events would not have been possible, without the generous financial support of Dock18 and Liip – Agile Web Development. Thanks a lot. Are you interested in supporting upcoming shows? Get in touch with us.

Alfred Beck – Darkness

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Alfred Beck sound has enraptured audiences. He is from Mexico, but could come from everywhere, nobody would notice the difference in his sound.

He thinks his sound makes him immortal – or at least his promoter thinks so. Not really? We’re not sure that someone of our listeners likes progressive house with those standard EDM synths and arrangements we’ve heard over and over again.

But haven’t we heard all kind of guitar sounds over and over again? So give it a listen and tell us your opinion about this kind of genre.

ISO 9001 standardized EDM.

Download Alfred Beck – Darkness [Creative Commons license]

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The Bourgeois – Perverting the american dream

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The Bourgeois, pronounced like in french, are an alternative rock band from Tulsa comprised of Zach Mobley (guitar and vocals) and Ty Clark (drums and vocals). You could easily say their influenced by Nirvana or the Smashing Pumpkins. Good melodies, catchy guitar riffs and listen to the texts.

Somebody’s got nothing, ’cause you got everything.

Download The Bourgeois – Perverting the american dream
[Creative Commons license]

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