Argofox – Royalty Free Music


Holy nightmare it’s getting modern. Argofox from Vancouver is a promoter of royalty free music downloads for YouTube videos and Twitch streams to avoid copyright strikes. He is fully dedicated to holy omg wtf fckng up-to-date dance music.
So if your 18, young, blonde and female, like Youtube and Soundcloud, head over to Argofox’ various social intergalatic channels.

Best ever Argofox #hot100 Charts
Sounds good. Argofox on Soundcloud
Wanna be a star? Argofox on Youtube
Tweet me hard. Argofox on Twitter
Hmmm. Argofox off Facebook
Uh, ahh a hop on the Argofox Tumblr

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Mainware – Volcano


Kevin Winkelmann and Marco Glaesel, aka Mainware, are two DJs and producers from the EDM heart of Europe, Switzerland. Oh yeah Bärner Giele, totally forgot, that we are living in the heart of europe: Berne. Oh wait, they don’t live in Berne. They live in Bätterkinden where 24% is forested and 57.8% is used for agricultural purposes. Having started out as individual artists, they banded together and began collaborating in early 2013.

Berne, baby burn.

[Creative Commons license]
Hie chasch das grad eifach abäladä.

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